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Pitch Roofs

If you would like a charmingly traditional-looking roof for your St Albans property, you could benefit immensely from arranging for us to install a pitched roof. Once fitted, a pitched roof can remain intact for more than a century – and, in that time, withstand various bouts of harsh weather.

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Why Choose a Pitched Roof?

One major selling point of a pitched roof is its versatility. That roof can easily be converted to accommodate extra living space – with bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms and storage rooms all examples of spaces that can be neatly housed by pitched roofs.o various applications. Our GRP flat roofing can withstand various weather conditions and temperatures without noticeably deteriorating.

Can you help if my pitched roof is damaged?

If you fear that your pitched roof – whether or not we originally installed it – in St Alban has incurred damage, just let us know. We can travel to inspect that roof if you have noticed any evidence of damage to it, such as a drip-drip-drip sound or damp patch.

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